2 lbs short ribs (grass fed beef is best)

1qt chicken or beef stock

28 oz can of diced tomatoes

2 stalks lemon grass

4 star anise

black pepper

whole coriander seed

1 cinnamon stick

5 garlic cloves

5 shallots

5 small parsnips

6 carrots

1 purple yam

1 turnip

fish sauce

coconut oil

fresh cilantro

fresh limes

Brown the beef in coconut oil.  Put in a crock pot or large dutch oven with chicken or beef stock, tomatoes.  Add spices whole and shallots peeled but whole.  Braise meat at a moderate temperature for quite a few hours until the meat is tender but not quite falling off the bone.  At this point you will add the root vegetables which have been peeled and cut into big chunks all about the same size.  Keep the stew at a simmer until the vegetables are tender and the meat is now falling off the bone.  Before serving stir in a generous tablespoon or two of fish sauce.  Serve over rice and topped with chopped cilantro and a squirt of fresh lime juice.