yumthingsI have been reading Nourishing Traditions this week and got inspired to sprout some lentils.  Sprouting beans, grains or seeds unlocks a whole new level of nutrition in them, changing the enzyme activity, and the carbohydrate:protein ratio.  Nutrition facts for sprouted lentilssprouted lentilsThen I had a mason jar full of live little growing lentils that were calling my name today.  All morning in class I kept thinking about them.  On the way home I stopped by the Asian grocery near my house and bought some ginger, jalepenos, and cilantro and I went home and created this recipe.  It is extremely easy to put together (provided you have a food processor).  I thought they were delicious!  And filling!  I do need to think of a better name for them though.  If anyone has any suggestions…

Sprouted Lentil Yumthings

2 cups sprouted lentils (green)
1 sweet onion
3 cloves garlic
3 jalepenos
1.5 inches fresh ginger root
1 bunch cilantro
1 cup pecans
1 generous pinch of dried kelp flakes
2 eggs
2/3 cup garbanzo bean flour
1 Tablespoon sea salt
coconut oil

Sprout your lentils.  To do this start with a wide mouth mason jar 1/2  full of dry lentils.  Add water to the top of the jar and let them soak overnight or for 12 hours or so.  Drain them (you can buy a handy screen that fits exactly in the top of a wide mouth mason jar, or you can use cheesecloth, or a fine mesh strainer) and rinse them well.  Leave them in the jar, which should not be sealed shut, but allowed to drain upside down in the dishrack.  Rinse them 2 or three times a day.  The sprouts should pop out by the second day or so.  I like to use them when the sprout tails are fairly short (about 2 days), but you can let them grow longer if you like.  When they are sprouted to your liking, rinse them again and then store them in the fridge with a closed lid on the jar this time.  They will stop growing in the cold fridge.

Get out your food processor.
Process the pecans first.  You want these to be ground up fine, just be careful not to turn them into nut butter.  Empty these into a bowl.  Next process the onions into a nice small dice.  Saute the onions a little in a skillet with some coconut oil.  Then add them to the bowl with the pecans.  Next process the garlic, ginger, jalepenos, until they are finely chopped.  Add the cilantro to the processor and give it a whirl until it is nicely chopped as well.  Add all these things into the bowl.  Next process the sprouted lentils.  These should reach almost a paste consistency.  Add to the bowl.  Then to the bowl add the kelp (or omit if you don’t have any), salt, garbanzo bean flour, and eggs. bowl of goodies Mix all the ingredients together.  Taste to make sure you have added enough salt.  It should be  fairly soft, but hold together somewhat.  It’s not an exact science.

Heat some coconut oil in a skillet and fry the patties until brown and crispy on both sides.  Make sure that the first side has browned completely before you try and turn it over.  You will be happy if you do this because they will hold together better.frying yumthings

Serve hot with chutney and lime chili pickle.