my harvest of Cleavers

Yesterday I had a delightful hike in the South Hills of Portland, exploring historical sights, hidden stairs, and great views.  Along the way I found a bunch of Cleavers (Galium Aparine) growing in the woods.  I brought some home and made a simple (single herb) brew by pouring hot water over the fresh herb and letting it steep overnight.)  Today I’ve been enjoying the mild herbaceous taste of the cooled simple.  Cleavers are a wonderful all around tonifying herb.  Known specifically to support the lymph system, but also as a blood cleanser.  Drinking a “simple” is one way to add herbs into your daily routine.  Find safe, tonifying herbs, steep overnight, and enjoy all day!  Other herbs to consider: Parlsey (mineral rich diuretic), chamomile (bitter tonic for digestion, nervine), chrysantamum (fortifies the lung, liver, eyes), nettle (mineral rich, tonic).