swimming hole bliss


Many years ago when my kids were little, and we were poor, young, frazzled parents, someone wise asked me what was one thing that made me happy.


I didn’t have to think long before answering “sun and water.”  Living in Seattle at that time, it was fairly easy to pack a lunch, throw the kids in the car and end up on the banks of Lake Washington for the day.


It is no wonder that my kids have grown up to love swimming in lakes, rivers, and oceans.  It is one place where we are all happy.  Together.

This fall my youngest son goes off to college.  Last week was the hottest week we have seen in Portland, and he and I packed a lunch of fresh tomatoes, salami, bread, cucumbers, and carrots, and headed for one of our favorite swimming holes.

Reading by the River



I ask you:  Is there anything more nourishing than doing what you love with the people you love?  Especially when there are tomatoes and salami involved?