I am a Naturopathic Physician and owner of Rose Cabinet Medicine in Portland Oregon.  I grew up in a family who valued food as medicine.  We cooked together for pleasure.  We had a large garden which inspired our cooking, goats for milk, cheese, hand cranked ice cream, and even made our own tofu.  I went on to a professional life in food.  My formative years as a chef were spent at Hedgebrook, a women’s writing retreat, where I cooked for 6 resident writers from a bountiful organic garden and orchard.  There I learned how to cook with the seasons, and more importantly how to provide deep nourishment on many levels for our guests. From my lifelong interest in nutrition and nurturing folks developed my deeper interest in natural medicine.   Besides nutrition, which I explore with every patient, I also use hydrotherapy, homeopathy, herbal medicines, bodywork, and neurofeedback as needed for individualized treatments.