Yarrow, or Achillea millefolium

Yarrow is a common medicinal plant and familiar wild flower.  In traditional herbal practice it is used to stop bleeding, reduce fever, and also as a bitter herb to tonify the digestive systerm.  Herbalist Matthew Wood says in The Book of Herbal Wisdom, “Like a number of good blood medicines, Yarrow both stops hemorrhage and breaks up congealed blood.”

Who doesn’t love lavender?  Just about to pop into full bloom at the clinic.  My appreciation for Lavender deepens.



Lavender has potent volatile oils which are the aromatic medicine of the plant.  It is useful for anxiety, headaches, depression, insomnia, and nervous exhaustion.  Soothing and uplifting to the spirit.  The essential oils have powerful antifungal, antimicrobial action and the oil can be used in wound healing and for burns.  Next time you have an itchy bug bite try dabbing a drop of lavender oil and a drop of peppermint oil on it. The peppermint will help stop the itching and the lavender promotes healing!  To buy high quality essential oils click HERE.