Rose Cabinet Medicine

At Rose Cabinet Medicine, patients learn to become stewards of their own health, restore life’s natural rhythms, practice self-care, and reconnect with their birthright of vitality and aliveness.

Available therapies include: Naturopathic medical visit, Balneotherapy (water therapies), Shiatsu massage, Core Synchronism.

What is Naturopathic medicine? 

Naturopathic medicine is the past and the future of health care.  The current model of medical care focuses on disease, pathology, and symptom management.  In the Naturopathic model we focus on health, wellness, and the totality of each individual.  Naturopaths view symptoms as a signal from the body telling us there is an underlying problem.  The focus of treatment then is aimed at the true cause of the symptoms.  You can take a pain reliever to make a headache go away, but if the headaches keep coming back, we need to dig deeper and find out why.  Dr. Rose may use botanical medicines, homeopathy, supplements, lifestyle and nutritional counseling, balneotherapy, and bodywork in the course of treatments.  Naturopathic office visits are 30-90 minutes long and range from $80-$280.

Cold Plunge


Systematic, therapeutic applications of hot and cold water form the basis for the science of balneotherapy, also known as hydrotherapy.  At Rose Cabinet Medicine, Dr. Rose may prescribe Constitutional Hydrotherapy, a wonderful treatment to restore a worn down immune system and poor digestion.  Or treat yourself to the Therapeutic Spa, a 2.5 hour treatment, the goal of which is to detoxify and refresh the whole self.  It includes dry skin brushing, working up a cleansing sweat in the sauna, a plunge into the cold pool, followed by a deeply relaxing soak in a warm tub of mineral and herbal infused water.  To finish off, 30 minutes of bodywork will untie any knot, physical or mental, that remains.  Patients can also use the sauna alone as part of their detox program as prescribed by Dr. Rose. Balneotherapy treatments range from $45-$200.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu means “to press” with the fingers.  It is a form of bodywork that systematically opens energy flow along meridians, rejuvenates the body and relaxes the mind.  In the form or “kata” that Dr. Rose is trained in, no oils or lotions are used and the patient remains fully clothed (loose, comfortable clothing is best).   Sessions are 80 minutes for $100.

Core Synchronism

A form of Cranial Therapeutics, Core Synchronism restores balance and harmony to the body/etheric body through gentle therapeutic touch.  Treatments are deeply relaxing and supportive of the body’s ability for self-healing.  Sessions are generally 60 minutes long for $75.

Teas and Tinctures

What to Expect

The first phase of treatment is aimed primarily at addressing any acute discomfort or issue.  As our relationship deepens, we can begin to identify and correct underlying concerns and chronic health problems.  As those issues become addressed we can focus more on bringing the body back into a state of dynamic homeostasis, from which it can more easily bounce back from emotional, structural, or environmental stresses.  Once you feel you are functioning with optimal health, the visits become focused on maintenance, preventative care, and wellness.  Dr. Rose encourages, guides, and supports you along your journey toward vitality.

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